Cavs-Dubs Finals Match-up Inevitable

We might as well fast-forward to the NBA Finals right now because the Spurs and Celtics are simply not well equipped enough to stop the two best teams in the respective conferences. The Cavs and Dubs had swept all teams matched up against them in the opening and second round of the playoffs thus far, and is looking the part to make quick work of the Conference Finals as well.

The San Antonio Spurs and Boston Celtics had won a grand total of zero games so far against their respective opponents, and things are not looking up for either teams as their best players in Kawhi Leonard and Isaiah Thomas had both been ruled out for Game 3 (with Thomas out for the remainder of the post-season due to a hip injury).

For a franchise that had just see its Hall Of Fame power forward retire in Tim Duncan, the San Antonio Spurs and Gregg Popovich had once again shown that they are a more than capable club, with the Spurs finishing the regular season with 61 wins behind MVP candidate Kawhi Leonard’s leadership. He had averaged 25.5ppg, 5.8rpg and 3.5apg and has also a very strong case for Defensive Player of the Year honors as well, with 1.8spg and valiant defensive efforts to boot. However, after a questionable closeout on Leonard’s jumper that caused the Spurs star to aggravate his ankle injury suffered earlier in the Rocket series, it will appear that the star-studded roster of Golden State will ensure any chances of a comeback be insurmountable.

In the meantime, it has been The LeBron Show through two games, with Cleveland blowing the Celtics out of the water in both games. The Celtics simply do not have an answer for James, who had poured in 38 points and 30 points through two games. What is even more impressive is that the other stars in Cleveland did not let off their foot on the gas pedal, putting in monster numbers from the field and closed out Boston with a 130 – 86 victory in Game 2. The top scorer in green scored 19 points in 48 minutes of action, and it wasn’t even no. 4. Jaylen Brown was the team’s top point getter that game, and while his game high 63.6% FG% is impressive, the team’s FG% was an embarrassing 37.2%, while consistently getting bullied on the boards by the Cavs (courtesy of Kevin Love’s 12 rebounds).

Personally, it is a shame that the Conference Finals had been so underwhelming thus far, and it is not a stretch to say that the games are basically garbage time right now. The Cavs and Dubs continue their incredible offensive and defensive display enroute to their third consecutive Finals matchup, which will be the first time in NBA history that two teams are slated to face off in three years in a row. While it will be interesting to see Durant face off James once again in the finals (something he had left the Thunders to achieve), it somehow leaves a bad taste in the mouth for basketball fans who are now wondering if the Spurs would have the firepower to dethrone the reigning Western Conference Champions, and if the underdogs Celtics could bring more of a challenge to the Goliath in the East.



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